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3014 E Sunshine Southern Hills Shopping Center Suite G, H & J Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: (888) 887-1501
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Cosmetology is challenging and requires a great deal of work, but it’s also exciting, provides great opportunities, and allows creativity in the workplace on a daily basis. Not everyone has the ability to turn boring into beautiful, and that means your skills will be needed around the world. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for cosmetologists is expected to grow at a rate of 14% from 2010 to 2020, meaning now is the time to start your career in the exciting world of cosmetology.

Having an education in cosmetology allows you to branch out to many different occupations and environments. Cosmetology can lead to other sectors of the working world that you maybe haven’t even considered yet. Here are just a few examples of the many places your career can take you when you have a cosmetology diploma:

  • Platform Stylist contracted by professional beauty product manufacturers or schools to train licensed cosmetologists by teaching them about products, techniques, and the latest trends.
  • Salon Coordinator act as director for the activities of a salon, and is usually responsible for booking and scheduling appointments, greeting customers, working on public relations, retailing, controlling inventory, bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and client retention.
  • Salon Manager/Owner responsible for all salon operations, both physical and financial.
  • School Instructor/Owner using cosmetology skills to enhance the education of up-and-coming cosmetologists.
  • Manufacturer Representative requires travel to different areas of the country where he/she completes workshops on a variety of subjects at schools or businesses in order to showcase specific products or services.
  • Sales Consultant involves extensive travelling to sell products to salon owners and managers within a certain area, as well as providing product training to cosmetologists.
  • Manufacturer Spokesperson usually someone who is educated in both cosmetology and business, and markets new products for national distribution.
  • Product Analyst responsible for the final product that cosmetologists use and sell in salons.
  • Sales/Marketing/Management Consultant involves the use of business, technical, and motivational skills to help chain salons, distributors, and/or manufacturers to overcome problems.
  • Trade Publication Writer/Editor/Publisher requires backgrounds in both cosmetology and journalism, and uses knowledge of the cosmetology profession to create educational magazines, newsletters, and textbooks for fellow industry professionals.