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Skin specialists are necessary during any and every phase of life, so having an education in esthetics can be both prosperous and rewarding. The ability to treat skin impurities and create a more beautiful appearance is a skill that many desire but few are professionally trained for. Esthetics certainly is not for everyone and can be difficult at times, but the career is satisfying and worthwhile to those who take pride in the skill set. According to the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics, Missouri has some of the highest employment rates for skin care specialists in the nation.

If there is one guarantee in gaining an education in esthetics, it’s that the skills gained do not limit you to one career option. Many employers search for individuals with a background in esthetics because it can be used in many types of businesses. We have listed a few of the options available to those with an education in esthetics, but the choices certainly are not limited to these:

Requires management of skin care professionals within and organization while overseeing skin care services, inventory, and schedules within the business.

Maintains consistency in services, products, and operations between multiple spa or center locations, and also ensures that each location is attributing to reaching the overall goals and vision of the company.

Operates all sides of the business and manages employees rather than providing services (although some owners do still retain clients and complete services).

Necessary to continue the growth of individuals in the skin care industry, and are responsible for staying up-to-date on industry knowledge and passing it along to up-and-coming skin care specialists.

Educates and demonstrates a specific brand or product to interested professionals and then provides training to professionals who purchase products from the line.

Consists of testing products and/or equipment, rating the performance, and identifying possible improvements or additional uses.

Responsible for developing sales and demonstrating the company’s products and/or services to skin care centers, spas, and professionals in a given area. They also may be asked to showcase products and/or services at trade shows, conferences, and conventions.

Usually necessary to have backgrounds in both esthetics and journalism, and uses knowledge of the esthetics profession to produce educational magazines, newsletters, and textbooks for fellow industry professionals.

An esthetician who has the talent and passion for specializing in makeup application can be essential in many cosmetic fields, including special events (weddings, runway shows, etc.), photo or video shoots, and camouflaging.