Barber Program

Barbering is challenging and requires a great deal of work, but it’s also exciting, provides great opportunities, and allows creativity in the workplace on a daily basis. Not everyone has the ability to turn boring into beautiful, and that means your skills will be needed around the world! Here are all the details you need to understand our accredited barbering program.


Missouri College of Cosmetology will accept regular student enrollments for any person who:

  • Is at least 17 years old, and has received a high school diploma or GED/HSE
  • Has completed an application for enrollment to the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology through the college at least two weeks prior to the intended class start date

Transfer students
Missouri College of Cosmetology accepts transfer students in the Cosmetology field only. We require transfer students have to meet the following requirements:

  • No more than 500 clock hours have been obtained
  • Provide a copy of contractual fee/termination form from the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology
  • Provide a copy of final transcript from previous school(s), showing attendance and academic percentages

The Admissions Policy does not discriminate against any person on the basis of color, sex, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religion.

We do not recruit students already enrolled or attending another cosmetology school. Enrollment office personnel will not attempt to recruit or enroll any student who is currently registered or enrolled at another school or institution. Information will be given or mailed only at the student’s request.

Application process

All prospective students must complete an application online or print and turn it into the main offices.

Entrance Interview
All prospective students must complete an entrance interview. Please contact the admissions office at 888-887-1501 to schedule your interview appointment. Here are a few tips for acing your interview:

  • Dress for success! A rule of thumb is that if an interview affects your future, you want to look your best.
  • Make sure to turn off your cell phone or leave it in the car.

Campus Tour
Take a campus tour to make sure that Missouri College of Cosmetology is the right place for you.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available to those who qualify. You can schedule a financial aid appointment with us by calling the enrollment office at 888-887-1501 or visit the Department of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) for even more information on using financial aid at Missouri College of Cosmetology. Our federal school code is 035193.

After being accepted to a Missouri College of Cosmetology program, you must enroll for classes at the main office and pay an enrollment fee of $100. Please bring the following documents with you at your time of enrollment:

  • Driver’s license
  • High school diploma or HSE and HiSet
  • Six references (include name, phone number, and address)

Program Facts

The Barber program is 1000 clock hours program, 28.57 weeks (32 hours per week). It is designed to prepare the student to successfully pass the licensing exam required by the State  Board of Cosmetology and Barbering the State of Missouri only and to offer the student basic entry skills for profitable employment in the field of barbering dealing with hair and skin.

**THE BARBER STUDENT IS REQUIRED BY THE MISSOURI STATE BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY AND BARBERING. CSM085-12.035. Pursuant to section 328.080. RSMo. a medical examination form

Missouri College of Cosmetology is required to disclose the rates of our students based on completion, licensure, and employment. The following statistics are based on 2020 and are calculated by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

2020 Annual Rates
Graduation -79.68%
Licensure – 9723%
Placement – 82.72%

Costs and Requirements

Barber program tuition is broken down into the following elements:

  • Tuition: $12,254.00
  • Books and kit: $1500.00
  • Registration fee: $100
  • State testing fee: $146.00
  • Total cost of the program: $14,000

The physical and intellectual demands of being a barber are not to be taken lightly, because a rewarding career usually comes at a price. Students at Missouri College of Cosmetology are required to be on their feet during 75% of the courses. If you have a history or suspicion of physical limitations to chemical odors, standing, bending, stooping, light lifting, or sitting, please consult your physician before entering training. Most students do not have any problems completing the program when maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

If you have the passion, intensity, and physical ability to study barbering, we recommend contacting us today to begin your journey!

Program Tools

Here is a list of books that students will need to begin basics:

Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Life Skills 978-1-948482-51-6 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Science 978-1-948482-52-3 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Business 978-1-948482-53-0 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Client-Centered Design 978-1-948482-54-7 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Foundational Cutting 978-1-948482-55-4 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Tancred Cuts & Fades 978-1-948482-56-1 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Style 978-1-948482-57-8 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barberin • Shaving & Beard Design 978-1-948482-58-5 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Hair Replacement 978-1-948482-59-2 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Color 978-1-948482-60-8 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barberi nu. Perm & Relax 978-1-948482-61-5 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Skin & Nails 978-1-948482-62-2 electronic
Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Digital 978-1-948482-68-4 electronic


Every student is issued a barber kit to aid in the learning process and help lead them to become a successful barber. Here is a list of what each student will receive:

  • Barber Essential Kit
  • Wahl 5-Star senior clipper
  • Wahl 5-Star Detailer Trimmer
  • Wahl 5-Star Shaver
  • 1875 Watt Compact Professional AC Dryer
  • Medium Round Brush
  • Vent Brush
  • Books
  • 9-Row Airforming Brush
  • Backpack
  • Apron
  • Cape
  • Shinzu Shears Set-6″
  • Mustang 44/20 Straight Razor
  • Plastic Swivel Holder
  • Erika Mannequin
  • Ian Mannequin
  • Cole Mannequin
  • Cameron Mannequin
  • Fundamentals Barbering Digital


Subject Hours
History 5
Professional Image 5
Bacteriology 5
Sterilization and Safe work practices 20
Implements, Tools and Equipment 15
Properties and Disorders of the skin, scalp and hair 15
Treatment of Hair and Scalp 20
Facial Massage and Treatments 5
Shaving 35
Haircutting 425
Hairstyling 325
Mustache and Beard Design 5
Permanent Waving 30
Chemical Hair Relaxing and Soft Curl Permanents 30
Hair Coloring 30
Hair Pieces 5
Chemistry 5
Anatomy and Physiology 5
Salesmanship and Shop Management 5
State Law 10
Total Hours 1000

Dress Code

Shirts and pants must be all black.


Styles allowed: Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Off-shoulder-as long as it covers students’ chest, Tunics, Button-ups,

Any material-lf shirts are see-through, a black or gray undershirt must be worn.

Styles Not Allowed: Strapless, Tanktops/Sleeveless/Cami’s, Belly Shirts

MCOC has the right to require a student to wear a smock if their shirt does not cover students’ chest or stomach.


Material of pants must be 100% black and be at least mid-calf length.

Styles Allowed: Dress pants, Slacks, Jeans-Must be black with no holes or frays, Fitted/Aline, Leggings-lf a student wears leggings their shir must be long enough to cover their butt.

Styles Not Allowed: Shorts, Anything with holes or frays, Pajamas, Athletic/Sweatpants, Scrubs


Shoes-Must be closed toed

Professional Shoes-Can be any color: these include Dress shoes, Boots, Flats, Loafers, Converse/Vans, Tennis/Athletic Shoes-have to be majority black material

Hours and Closures

Barber students’ training hours are from Tuesday-Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Tuesday (class day closed to the public), Wednesday through Friday (open to the public/clinic
floor training).

Class Schedule


Barber students’ training hours are from Tuesday-Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Tuesday (class day closed to the public), Wednesday through Friday (open to the public/clinic
floor training).

Class Schedule

Classes are in session year-round, except for the following:

Holidays and School Closures

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
  • Christmas Vacation: December 21, 2022 – January 2, 2023
  • Instructor Work Days – TBA

If the college should be closed due to extenuating circumstances, a representative will systematically contact all students through text message.  If the closure is weather related, the closures will be sent via texting system during inclement weather.

Career Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for Barbers, is expected to grow at a rate of 19% from 2020 to 2030, and there are many careers available nationwide, including:

  • Salon barber
  • Cruise ship stylist
  • Photo stylist
  • Colorist
  • Guest artist/platform artist
  • Salon coordinator, manager, instructor, or owner
  • Manufacturer’s representative
  • Distributor
  • School owner or director
  • Manufacturer’s spokesperson
  • Test salon barber
  • education manager
  • Sales, marketing, management consultant,
  • Chain salon employees
  • Trade publication publisher
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