Keratin Treatment

Is Keratin Treatment for Hair Worth All The Hype?

After enjoying a period of great popularity and boom, extenso and rebonding are two hair treatments that are slowly being pushed towards the exit door, only to be replaced by the amazing keratin treatment for shiny, frizz-free and smooth hair. Keratin is like the new kid on the block that some people quickly become friends…


Things to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Things to Know About Laser Hair Removal

It is quite natural to have hair on the body, and while some people are honestly unbothered by it, there are many who absolutely detest unwanted hair. Be it facial hair, hair on the hands, or any part of the body, it can be really annoying for the latter category of people to deal with…


hair care during lockdown

Tips for Hair Care During Lockdown

From ever-increasing frizz and those annoyingly long fringes to roots turning white and split ends becoming too obvious, every person nowadays has a different hair disaster story to tell. The recent global pandemic known as COVID-19 has made everyone housebound as the lockdown period keeps getting extended everywhere in the world. Among numerous other things,…


Matte Liquid Lipsticks

How to Apply Matte Liquid Lipsticks with Perfection

The right lip color can enhance your whole look and add a pop of color to it. From reds and pinks to nudes and bold colors, there’s a huge variety of amazing lip colors out there to choose from. Along with all the colors, you also have scores of different types of lipsticks. These include…


Healthy and Shiny Nails

Useful Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy and Shiny

The good ole manicure is the perfect solution for unkempt and dirty nails. Most people find themselves rushing to a nearby salon every two weeks to get a manicure or any other nail treatment done to achieve beautiful, flawless hands. While these surely help cover the impurities of the nails and clean them temporarily, once…


Eyelash Extensions

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Eyelash Extensions. Mascaras are one of the most useful and must-have makeup products for your eyes that help enhances your eyelashes, make them look beautiful and gives them a long, full, dramatic effect. However, many people absolutely hate the idea of applying multiple layers and coats of mascara on their eyelashes, only to end up…


Rules for Healthy Hair

3 Most Important Rules for Healthy Hair

In the age of creative and unique hair treatments like extensions, rebonding, perms, highlights, and blowouts, more and more people find themselves dealing with rough, damaged, dull, and dead-looking hair. After all, the effects of these effective treatments do wear off after a certain period of time, and once they do, you have to bear…


Popular Skin Treatments

Popular Skin Treatments You Are Taught in Cosmetology School

Popular Skin Treatments. Human skin is so sensitive yet so intriguing, especially when it comes to the different kinds of skin treatments, there are to make your skin healthy-looking and fresh. The developments in the world of beauty are just so incredible and amazing that they always leave one in sheer awe. If you find…


nail technician

Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Nail Technician

Thanks to the ever-evolving beauty industry, nail art is significantly growing in popularity as numerous fashion magazines, and beauty salons are now coming up with a variety of nail art styles and designs. You are likely to find a team of nail technicians at every other salon nowadays. From creating different patterns and designs to…


hair coloring

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect Hair Color

Hair coloring. Many people prefer coloring their hair at home, given how expensive professional hair dyes at salons can be. There’s also nothing better than doing from the comfort and ease of your own bathroom. However, coloring your own hair is quite an art, and it requires a lot of dexterity and skill to get…


flawless foundation

How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly

Flawless foundation. Makeup is kind of art, and there are many important factors that go into doing a full face makeup with perfection. There are also many key players such as your foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner, and many others that help one achieve that perfect, flawless makeup look. Among all these players, the…


Trending Haircuts for Women

Trending Haircuts for Women in 2020

Just like hair color trends, haircut trends also always keep changing and evolving all the time. One fine day short bangs are in fashion, and the next thing you know, it has been replaced a long lob. Every few months, new types and varieties of haircuts make the headlines and front page of most beauty…


Skin Chemical Peels

Everything You Need to Know About Skin Chemical Peels

If you are big on skincare and are always updated on current skincare trends and treatment, you’ve probably heard about ‘chemical peels.’ As the name quite gives it away, it is a technique that involves using different kinds of chemicals on the skin mainly for exfoliation, after which the ‘old’ skin eventually peels off, revealing…


Makeup Essentials

7 Makeup Essentials You Should Always Have in Your Makeup Bag

Makeup Essentials. If you ever rummage through a makeup artist’s bag, you are likely to find tons of makeup products inside, from assorted lipsticks and blush powders to eye shadow kits and makeup brushes. The chances are that you might even end up with some powdery cosmetic debris on your hands! A makeup artist’s bag…


Benefits of Facials

3 Benefits of Facials

Benefits of Facials. Do you wish for your skin to be as silky and smooth as butter, as soft as a marshmallow, and as bright as the sun of a brand new day? The most popular answer to all those questions is probably going to be 100 percent yes, and rightly so. Our skin is…


Popular Salon Hair Treatments

3 Most Popular Salon Hair Treatments You Ought to Try

Popular Salon Hair Treatments. Most of us are almost always battling numerous hair issues. The issues from weak, damaged, brittle hair to frizzy and dry hair that never seems to stay in one place. Once upon a time, hair oil was the only solution to all our hair related problems, and our adults would always…


Types of Manicures

3 Different Types of Manicures You Should Try

A manicure is a perfect way to give your hands a complete makeover. It helps up your nail game and also gives you a chance to get crafty and experiment with your nails. Thanks to the ever-evolving beauty industry, there are numerous different types of manicures that most salons are offering these days. Each type…


Taught in Cosmetology School

Top 4 Things you are Taught in Cosmetology School

Contrary to popularly held beliefs, being a cosmetologist isn’t just about knowing how to make different hairstyles or being able to perform a variety of skin treatments. There’s actually so much more to cosmetology than just skin and hair. Cosmetology school teaches you a plethora of skills that further help you pick your choice of…


Beauty Industry

How to Up Your Game in the Beauty Industry

Once you’ve graduated from beauty school, the next very important thing for you to do is make a name for yourself in the beauty industry. It is essential to bear in mind that once you enter the industry after graduating from cosmetology school, it will already be buzzing with a lot of competition from both…


Bold Hair Colors

Up Your Hair Game with These Bold Colors

Nothing beats bold, bright-looking hair with a striking color that simply can’t go unnoticed. From flaming red hair to two-toned hair dye, 2020 is the year to experiment with different colors and give your hair a much-needed major transformation! Many people express great apprehension and hesitation when it comes to coloring their hair bold colors…