Haircare Mistakes

5 Haircare Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

When it comes to making haircare mistakes, you don’t need to be embarrassed because we all are in the same boat. Of course, you can always visit a barber school in Springfield, MO for answers to why your hair has become an ongoing, raging issue for you to handle. Before you go, figure out what…


State Board Exam

6 Tips to Pass Your State Board Exam

Exams are stressful in general. If you will be taking the state board exam to become a licensed esthetician, being nervous is okay. To graduate the esthetics school in Springfield, MO, you will need to pass both the written and practical state board exam. You need to try to relax and follow these tips to…


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5 Things Hairstylists Do Each Day

When you graduate from a barber school in Springfield, MO, you will become a professional and a licensed hairstylist. You will have you own clientele after that, given you are considering work at a beauty salon or opening your own beauty salon. Whatever your end goal is after you complete cosmetology and esthetician school, you…


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4 Unexpected Things that You Will Learn in Cosmetology School

When you apply for cosmetology school, you will learn things you did not expect to learn there. The knowledge you gain from a beauty school is unmatched. You will learn more than just things related to makeup and hairstyles. Whatever you learn there will help you become a better cosmetologist in the future. Here is…


Opening Your Beauty Salon

3 Things You Need to Do Before Opening Your Beauty Salon

After you graduate cosmetology and esthetics school in Springfield, MO, you may think about opening your own beauty salon. If you are already thinking about it while you are still enrolled in beauty school, you need to ensure you have a concrete plan to do it. Without a plan, there are more chances of failure…


Should Cosmetology be Your Second Career

Should Cosmetology be Your Second Career?

Cosmetology is a budding field for aspiring women and men who want to step into this field. However, it does not have to be your first career, but it can be your second career. Whether you wanted to be a cosmetologist, but you could not be one for some reason, but can now, go for…


Nail Styles

5 Nail Styles, to Nail

You filled out a cosmetology school application, so you could be a nail art guru, right? If you love creating different nail styles, learning new ones, and experimenting with various nail looks to create your own, you will love to know about these 5 nail styles that are so in right now. 1. Glitter with…


Changing Your Hair Color

4 Questions to Ask Before Changing Your Hair Color

Tired of your old hair color? Time for a new you? Changing your hair color will transform you into a new person. It will stand out…but what if it stands out for all the wrong reasons? You fear picking the wrong hair color will ruin your entire look. Before you visit a barber school in…



Estheticians — What Are They?

If you are considering a career in the beauty industry, specifically wanting to either become a full-time esthetician or specialize in a certain specialty related to it, it is important to obtain a complete understanding of what an esthetician is. Once you know the difference, you can apply to an esthetician school in your area.…


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4 Ways Makeup Artists Use Their Skills

Do you want to apply for cosmetology school, but have chosen to procrastinate? Is it because you wonder where you will use your different makeup skills? Don’t wonder anymore, as there are various ways you can use your makeup skills learned in cosmetology school. You may already have a passion for makeup, but beauty school will…


Bad Hair Habits

6 Bad Hair Habits that Would Make a Hairstylist Cringe

Do you have bad hair habits? It is a good idea to know the types of bad hair habits so you can avoid them. If any of the following bad hair habits has done a number on your hair, you need to visit a cosmetology school to talk to one of the hairstylists working there…


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4 Pros of Going to a Beauty School for a Haircut

Why are you not searching for a “hair school near me?” If you are not searching for a beauty school for a haircut near you, you are missing out on several benefits. Yes, there are definitely pros for both men and women to visit a barber school in Springfield, MO for a haircut. Let us…


Graduate Cosmetology School

5 Things to Help You Graduate Cosmetology School

You want to become a cosmetology school graduate. However, it is easier said than done. Nerves can get to you. There may be times that you become frustrated or just, plain scared. Remember, it is okay, as most people with you in beauty school are in the same boat as you. Whether you are in…


Tips for Selecting College Courses

5 Tips for Selecting College Courses

Tips for Selecting College Courses – When you apply for cosmetology school, they will present you with a list of courses that you can choose to take. For most people, this can be confusing, as they may be unsure about the type of courses they should take to grow and build their skills as a…


Makeup Artist

5 Reasons Why Being a Makeup Artist is an Amazing Career

Makeup is life — is this your mantra? If makeup is love, have you considered a career as a makeup artist? Look around you, you will find several opportunities to perfect your makeup skills by enrolling yourself in a cosmetology school. Become a makeup artist. It will be amazing! Here are a few reasons why…


Instagram Tips

5 Instagram Tips for Estheticians to Boost Their Presence

Instagram Tips – You can build your Instagram following while you are enrolled in esthetician school. You can even show off the work you do at beauty school to your followers. By the time you graduate, you will have a large, active following. When you open your own beauty salon, either at home or at…


Maintain Your Long Hair

6 Items You Need to Maintain Your Long Hair

Are you here because you are having trouble maintaining your long hair? You can always visit a barber school in Springfield, MO for a haircut, hair color, and most importantly, tips on how to maintain your long, beautiful hair. For now, you can work on collecting the following items, using them to maintain your long…


4 Fears of Going to College

4 Fears of Going to College

You aspire to go to college, but your fears are holding you back from filling out a cosmetology school application. When you do get the courage to apply for cosmetology school, those fears become too real. You are not the only one having those fears. Most students of beauty school begin experiencing fear when they…


Popular Hairstyles

Do You Have Short Hair? Here Are 5 Popular Hairstyles for You

Short-haired beauties, are you racking your brains, wondering what hairstyle you can pull off? Deciding a hairstyle for women with short hair can be a difficult decision. You can make it an easy decision by visiting an esthetics school in Springfield, MO to show you the diverse range of hairstyles available for short-haired beauties or…


Common Misconceptions about Cosmetology School

Debunking Common Misconceptions about Cosmetology School

Why are you not filling out a cosmetology school application? There are just so many misconceptions surrounding cosmetology schools that it deters people from registering to one. We thought it was high time to dig a grave for these various myths and put them to rest once and for all. With our shovel ready, here…