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The Different Opportunities a Cosmetology Degree Gives You

If you aspire to become a beautician or a hairstylist, you need to go get yourself a cosmetology degree. You can perform an online by typing “beauty school near me” or “hair school near me.” From the results, choose the cosmetology school that fits your requirements. Once you have acquired your cosmetology degree, several opportunities…


cosmetology school near me

6 Signs a Career as a Cosmetologist is Right for You

Do you think a career as a cosmetologist is right for you? If you are not sure if you should fill out a cosmetology school application, here are five signs that say you should: 1.    Your Mentors Are Beauty Bloggers If you spend your free time watching hair and makeup videos on YouTube, Instagram, and…


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5 Questions You Need to Ask When Touring a Esthetics School

Do you want to enroll yourself in esthetics school or cosmetology school? You cannot pick a school on a whim. It is imperative to do your research and make a calculative decision. A quick search for a recognized “beauty school near me” in Springfield, MO will do the trick. Choose the schools you want to…


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Finding the Right Type of Massage

When you visit a cosmetology school for a massage, you come across a wide range of massages. The question you ask yourself is “What type of massage is right for me?” Here you will find out which type of massage is right for you: 1.    Swedish Massage If you visit an esthetics school in Springfield,…


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4 Types of Chemical Exfoliation Treatments

When you visit a skin therapy school near you, you will find four types of chemical exfoliation treatments on their list of services. Chemical peels are a safe and effective method to repair and resolve skin issues. Chemical exfoliation treatments are an ideal solution for men and women struggling with scarring, acne, dull skin, premature…


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5 Types of Hair Color Techniques

Salon Services – Even though you have a hair color in mind, you are met with another confusion — which hair color technique should you go for? Now, that is a hard question, but not an impossible one to answer. You can decide on the hair color technique by learning more about each of them.…


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7 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Chemical Peel

Skin therapy. Chemical peels can resolve several skincare concerns a person may have. Some of the popular chemical peels you may find at an esthetics school in Springfield, MO include Gly Skin Treatment, Revitalizing Skin Treatment, Lactic Skin Treatment, and Beta Skin Treatment. Each treatment comes with unique benefits, but what they are, that we…


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7 Reasons Why Women Change Their Hairstyle

Hair school near me. Why do women change their hairstyle so often? Even though there are several reasons behind the evolution of the “woman hair,” we can provide you with a few of the most popular reasons behind their changing hairstyle. If you find your reason here and are aspired to change your hairstyle, you…


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5 Hairstyles Men Need to Show Off in 2019

Mens hair salons are blowing up in 2019, as more and more men become style conscious. Nowadays, men visit a men’s hair salon to get the latest haircut. They can easily get a quality haircut at any cosmetology school, like Missouri College of Cosmetology in southwest Missouri If you are searching for that perfect haircut…



5 Reasons You Need to Visit Your Esthetician Today

Is it time to visit an esthetics school in Springfield, MO, like Missouri College of Cosmetology? Is your skin calling for your help? If you have not visited an esthetician in a while, it is time you schedule an appointment with them. An esthetician is a qualified professional who has received hours of training, which…


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The Importance of Getting Regular Facials

The Importance of Getting Regular Facials – Why should you get regular facials? Easy, they make your skin glow! For your skin, it is a dose of health, which it needs regularly, but we fail to give it. If you visit a skin therapy school, you will find them offering a wide range of facials. Go…


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5 Benefits of Going to a Cosmetology School 

Why should you apply to a cosmetology school? If you are a budding beautician, attending cosmetology school in your area may be the right career choice for you. For those who are unsure about why they should fill out a cosmetology school application, here are a few reasons that will convince you on why you…


2019 Hair Color Trends You Just Got to Try

2019 Hair Color Trends You Just Got to Try

Esthetics School Springfield, MO – Do you need to update your look? If your hair color is so 2018 and you want a hair color that screams 2019, you will need to find hair coloring services that can tell you about the latest hair color trends blowing up in 2019. An esthetics school in Springfield…