DIY Solutions

Reasons a Salon Is Better Than DIY Solutions at Home

DIY Solutions. Thanks to a limitless supply of DIY beauty blogs, it is easy to find and apply almost any beauty service at home by yourself. The endless videos on YouTube presenting DIY solutions at home have provided anyone with internet with enough content and solutions that they can safely avoid salons. However, even with…


Specialized Shampoos

Should You Use a Specialized Shampoo?

With a wide plethora of shampoos and conditioners, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed. With the seemingly infinite numbers of shampoos and conditioners available, it can be challenging to choose the one that suits your needs precisely. Every shampoo and hair conditioner out there today claims to work for a specific hair type. Regardless…


Esthetician Program

Esthetician Program: A Life Changing Experience

Realizing the talents and the potential you have can take time. However, it is never too late to follow your true calling and opt for the path most suitable for you. If you feel that you have a keen eye for beauty and the talent for skin care, then an Esthetician program is ideal for…


Detangle Curly Hair

5 Tips to Detangle Curly Hair

Your curly hair has become hard to manage, especially when you need to detangle it. Detangling curly hair can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. It can take you up to 15 minutes, but for others, it can take up to an hour. To help you detangle your curly hair with ease, here are a…


cosmetology school Springfield

Choose a Cosmetology Specialty

Before embarking on a career in the beauty industry, have you thought about what cosmetology specialty you want to pursue? You can ask your instructor at the cosmetology school Springfield to help you choose a cosmetology specialty or you can use these tips to choose one: Why Did You Choose a Career in Cosmetology? You…


Top Wedding Hairdos

Top Wedding Hairdos

Wedding time can be stressful; in addition to making arrangements for the reception, the bride always has the challenge of looking perfect on her big day. Hair is the one thing that adds to this perfection. On the big day, the hair and the look should make a statement. Hair for your wedding should define…


nail artist

5 Skills Every Nail Artist Should Have

Do you aspire to become a nail artist? If you have enrolled in cosmetology and esthetics school in Springfield, MO to refine your skills as a nail artist, you need to know the type of skills you need. You may already have these skills, or you may need to learn them. However, one thing is…


Salon Services Springfield

Salon vs. Drugstore Products

Salon Services Springfield. As users, we often ask ourselves the question of whether the product we bought is worth it. Regardless of the significance of the product, there is an eerie doubt in our mind when we purchase a product costlier than our liking. It is common for salon services Springfield to recommend their products…


Difficult Salon Clients

4 Ways to Deal with Difficult Salon Clients

Difficult Salon Clients. You will find difficult people everywhere in your daily life. There is just something about them that can unsettle you at the slightest interaction. The negative energy and vibe that these folks carry are easily recognizable; one meeting with the person is enough to indicate that the person is going to give…


Tools for Hair Stylists

5 Must-Have Tools for Hair Stylists

Search for any “hair school near me,” and, in addition to learning the trade and the craft of a hairdresser, the first thing that you will learn is that a hairdresser is only as good as the tools they possess. Let’s be honest here you may have all the skills and talent for working with…



4 Ways to Create Your Fanbase in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is a very tightknit community and making room for yourself among the beauty gurus takes hard work and dedication. If you are studying at a cosmetology school, you already have exposure among the locals as a cosmetologist. But you want to expand your horizon and reach for the stars by reaching out…


Long Faces

5 Types of Haircuts for People with Long Faces

You have a long face and finding a haircut that suits your face structure has become increasingly difficult for you with time. You have had some gorgeous haircuts in the past, but now, you are running out of ideas. Are you wondering what type of haircut you should go to a cosmetology school to get…


State Board Esthetics Exam

Pass the State Board Esthetics Exam Tips

Are you nervous about taking your state board of esthetics exam? If you are enrolled in cosmetology school and have your exam in a few months, you need to start preparing. We can provide you with several useful tips to pass the state board of esthetics exam. Even though this exam differs from state to…


Cosmetology School Instructor

Want to Become a Cosmetology School Instructor After Graduation?

You do not have to work in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist or esthetician. Instead, you can work as a beauty instructor after you graduate from cosmetology school. It is a common misconception that you can go for after graduation is as a makeup artist, manicurist, hairstylist, and more. If you aspire to teach,…


The Process to Apply for Cosmetology School

The Process to Apply for Cosmetology School

You want to apply for cosmetology school, but the process seems a little bit confusing at first glance. Where to start? We can guide you through the entire process to make applying for beauty school a breeze. Without wasting any more time thinking about how to apply, follow this process of applying to a beauty…


salon products

5 Reasons You Should Go for Salon Products

Every time you visit a cosmetology and esthetics school, a wide variety of salon products greet you. You always wonder if they are worth the investment or not. Your hairstylist may be promoting these products, but that’s their job, right? What if we tell you that they are not wrong in promoting these products and…


Beauty Salon

5 Qualities Your Beauty Salon Needs

If you have decided to open your own beauty salon after you graduate from an esthetics school in Springfield, MO, you need to make sure your beauty salon has certain qualities that make it great and stand out from the other beauty salons in your area. Every beauty salon needs to have the following qualities:…


High School Juniors

How High School Juniors Can Prepare for Beauty School

If you are a high school junior and you want to go to cosmetology school, you can start preparing for it beforehand. You can take classes in high school that prepare you for beauty school. When you enter beauty school after you graduate, you will already have knowledge about the things you are going to…


Pass Cosmetology School

How Difficult is it to Pass Cosmetology School?

Pass Cosmetology School. Cosmetology school is a combination of both traditional (classroom) and non-traditional learning (practical) environment. You will need to enroll yourself in beauty school and then take the written and practical exam to graduate and become a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. If you are stressing about taking the state board exam, don’t. Here’s…


Haircare Mistakes

5 Haircare Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

When it comes to making haircare mistakes, you don’t need to be embarrassed because we all are in the same boat. Of course, you can always visit a barber school in Springfield, MO for answers to why your hair has become an ongoing, raging issue for you to handle. Before you go, figure out what…