Enroll in Beauty School

When is the Best Time to Enroll in Beauty School?

Is the best time to enroll in beauty school winter, spring, summer, or autumn? The best time to apply for cosmetology school is now!If you dream about becoming a makeup artist, hairstylist, or nail artist, waiting for the perfect time does not make sense. It only delays your dream. There will never be a perfect…


Beauty Trends

Stay Up to Date with Beauty Trends

After graduating from cosmetology school, you are ready to embark on an exciting career as a cosmetologist. You cannot have a thriving career in the beauty industry if you do not seek knowledge on the latest beauty trends. Beauty trends are not constant; they are ever-changing. Old beauty trends can evolve into something new and…


Esthetic Services in Springfield

The Most Important Beauty Items for a Makeup Artist to Stock

Esthetic Services in Springfield. Makeup artist, what is in your closet? Every makeup artist — whether you are a recent graduate of cosmetology school or you have been in the beauty industry for a while now — needs to have certain beauty items. If you run out of them, restock but never run out! Following…


Attend Cosmetology School

Reasons for Men to Attend Cosmetology School

Attend Cosmetology School. One of the most common misconceptions and stereotypes about beauty schools is that only women attend them. When you think of a cosmetology school, you are likely to end up picturing women that are learning different cosmetology skills such as the art of hairstyles, how to apply makeup, etc. However, in today’s…


Importance of Social Media

Importance of Social Media in the Life of an Esthetician

Importance of Social Media. If you are an esthetician and don’t have a social media presence, you’re clearly missing out on a lot! When you think or speak of social media, the first few things that probably come to mind are funny memes and videos and Facebook or fun-filled stories on Instagram. While that may…


fun hairstyles

Fun Hairstyles to Add to Your Portfolio

If you’ve recently graduated from a cosmetology school and have chosen hairstyling as your career path, the very first thing you need to do is create an impressive portfolio. You need to build your professional hairstylist portfolio if you’re to find a great job in the beauty industry and make a name for yourself. Apart…


Daily Skincare Tips

Daily Skincare Tips Cosmetologists Should Give Their Clients

Daily Skincare Tips. One benefit of going to skin therapy school is learning the dos and don’ts of skincare. You are going to pass on that knowledge to your clients when you graduate and open your own beauty salon. However, there is no harm in refreshing your memory. When your clients come to you for…


Hairstylists in Hollywood

Career Opportunities for Hairstylists in Hollywood

Hairstylists in Hollywood. The hairdressing industry is no different than the makeup industry; maybe a tad bit more exciting! It is often believed that hairstylists have very limited career options without many diverse employment opportunities. However, that is far from the truth because this industry also requires an equal mix of creativity, innovation, academic competence,…


beauty school near me

Career Advice for Beauty School Graduates

You have just graduated from beauty school and have a degree in cosmetology – now what? After hundreds of Google searches on ‘beauty school near me,’ you managed to make it to one of the best schools and have successfully made it out of there, too. At this point, you are probably wondering, what’s next?…


apply to cosmetology school

A Peek into Manicurist Training in Cosmetology School

If you aspire to be a manicurist, the first thing you need to do is apply to cosmetology school. Many beauty schools offer specialized manicurist training where you learn about most importantly, the nails. Many people believe that the job of a manicurist is to clip, file, and paint fingernails. While that is true, many…


self-care tips

Self-Care Tips from Professional Stylists

There’s no denying that stylists can change your look from top to bottom, making you look like you’ve stepped straight out of a fashion magazine. However, they can’t help you appear fresh and healthy at all times. In other words, you have to play your part in making yourself look worthy of a second glance.…


Makeup Mistakes

5 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

We can’t deny the invincible power of makeup. It enhances our features and helps us look our best in no time.  As much as we would like it to be otherwise, makeup isn’t always our loyal friend. If not used properly, it can end up making us look horrendous! When this happens, the whole purpose…


Essential Skincare Dos and Don'ts

5 Essential Skincare Dos and Don’ts

The skin is the largest organ of your body, so it’s important to take good care of it. Handle your skin with care and love to avoid blemishes, wrinkles, and other aging signs. Unfortunately, not many women take care of their skin. There could be many reasons behind this lack of care – a lack…


Secrets of Gorgeous Skin Overnight

Secrets of Gorgeous Skin Overnight

To many, getting clear, flawless skin may be a pipedream. They may see the young, radiant complexion of their favorite celebs on TVs and fashion magazines and brood over the impossibility of getting skin like them. But here’s the good news – you can also be as stunning as those celebs! How you ask? Read…


Salon Etiquette

Salon Etiquette Every Client and Stylist Should Know

Salon Etiquette. There are many things that every stylist and client should keep in mind when in a salon. Here you will find basic guidelines that both clients and stylists should follow to make the most of the time in the salon. Guidelines for Stylists 1. Be Neat and Proper The basis of every stylist’s…


Ways to Style Long Hair for Men

Ways to Style Long Hair for Men

A very few lucky men in this world are capable of growing their hair long. But one of the first few challenges they face with long hair is how to style it. Styling your hair is important when it comes to maintaining your hair and keeping it in its best condition. Well-styled hair is also…


types of massages

Types of Massages

Different massage therapies have different purposes. Some massages help ease muscle or joint pain while others are purely meant for pleasure. Massage therapy is usually provided by a massage therapist who is trained in the art of giving massages. If you have a particular health problem or you simply want to relax, choosing the right…


How to Look Younger

Makeup Tricks: How to Look Younger

Is there any guaranteed way to keep your skin looking young forever? This is a concern of many women out there. There are a very lucky few who manage to have younger-looking complexion in their 30s or beyond. Honestly, it’s a struggle, and more so if you don’t take care of your skin on a…


styling hacks for fine hair

Hairstyle Tips and Tricks: Styling Hacks for Fine Hair

Styling hacks for fine hair. Fine locks can make you feel insecure about your hair. You may even feel disheartened every time you look in the mirror. You’ve probably tried many methods to improve the quality of your hair but to no avail. At this point, it’s likely that you’re thinking that your damaged hair…


Men’s Skincare Routine

Simple Men’s Skincare Routine

Not many men follow a rigid skincare routine. It’s possible that they don’t consider such routines important enough or they don’t really know what a good skincare routine consists of. Whatever the reason is, every man should have a simple yet effective beauty routine to keep their skin fresh and healthy. Not sure what steps…