estimated shelf-life of beauty products

When to Toss Out Beauty Products

Estimated shelf-life of beauty products. Do you have an unhealthy obsession with hoarding your favorite beauty products like skincare, makeup, and hair masks? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, using expired products can cause the skin to react, leading to irritation and acne. Make sure to check product expiry every few weeks! How to Check…

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Manage Oily Skin

5 Hacks to Help Manage Oily Skin

We know oily skin can be super tough to live with. It makes your face look greasy, it melts away your makeup, it feels pretty unpleasant, and it causes clogged pores. Ugh, it’s a total menace! It’s understandable that you’re frustrated with your oily skin. But worry no more, there are some simple ways to…

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DIY Shampoo Bars

How to Make DIY Shampoo Bars

There are various reasons why people have started preferring shampoo bars over normal shampoo bottles. The first and foremost reason that we completely agree with is to have a zero-waste haircare routine. Apart from that, when it comes to DIY shampoo bars, there is also the benefit of adding ingredients that suits your hair type.…

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Eyelash Tinting

How Safe is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting has been a largely discussed phenomenon for quite a while now. If you are still unsure about what exactly it is, lets first take a quick look at the basic process and then analyse how safe it is. Eyelash and brow tinting are processes through which you can get your eyelashes and eyebrows…

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