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Opening time

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 9:30am - 3:45pm
  • Wednesday 9:30am - 3:45pm
  • Thursday 9:30am - 3:45pm
  • Friday 9:30am - 3:45pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

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3014 E Sunshine Southern Hills Shopping Center Suite G, H & J Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: (888) 887-1501
Web: www.missouricosmo.com
  • Missouri Cosmo

    We have the tools you need to succeed.
    The talent is all yours.

Cosmetology with Manicuring Program

The Cosmetology with Manicuring Program is a 1500 hour curriculum consisting of training with hair, nails, and face. This curriculum requires approximately 10.75 months of full-time student attendance to achieve a diploma.

Esthetics Program

The Esthetics Program is a 750 hour curriculum that teaches techniques on improving skin overall and maintaining skin care. This curriculum requires approximately 30 weeks of full-time student attendance to receive a diploma.

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There’s a reason why forty, fifty, and sixty don’t look the way they used to, and it’s not because of feminism, or better living through exercise. It’s because of hair dye.

Salon & Spa

Salon services are available to walk-in clients only on Tuesdays – Fridays during normal school times of 9:30am – 3:45pm.

We have the tools you need to succeed. The talent is all yours.

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